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Analysis of the future development trend of global valve pro

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With the development of large-scale complete sets of technology abroad, a series of new complete sets of equipment and single machines have emerged. The characteristics of the development of new complete sets of equipment related to valves are large-scale, high-parameterization, high-performance automation and complete sets, which are compatible with the control methods of these complete sets of equipment. In the past 20 years, the control methods of foreign valves have also developed greatly. In addition to general manual, motorized, electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic transmission, the variety of valves with electro-hydraulic linkage, pneumatic-hydraulic linkage, and automatic control is increasing, and there is a trend for further development.
Such as oil refining equipment. The largest oil refinery is 36.4 million tons/year (Virgin Islands in the Caribbean) and 30 million tons/year (Venezuela). At present, there are nearly 30 refineries with a capacity of more than 20 million tons per year; the processing capacity of the largest unit of oil refining and decompression units has reached 24 million tons per year, the catalytic cracking unit has reached 8.24 million tons per year, and the hydrocracking unit has reached 3.2 million tons per year. year. The large-scale device has forced the valve to become larger and larger, and the control method has also begun to develop in the direction of automation.
In recent years, long-distance pipelines have developed rapidly. The main reason is that the cost is low, which is only 1/3 of railway transportation; the second is that they are buried underground and are not easy to damage; the third is that the pipeline construction speed is fast and the investment is low. Therefore, the demand for valves for long-distance pipelines has increased greatly in recent years. The maximum unit capacity of power generation equipment is 1.3 million kW for dual-shaft thermal power units, 1.2 million kW for single-axis thermal power units, and 1.3 million kW for nuclear power units.

Among the valves supporting these complete sets of equipment, the largest flat gate valve diameter reaches 1620mm, 2000mm; the largest butterfly valve diameter is 9750mm; the largest ball valve diameter is 3050mm, and the weight of the valve excluding the drive device reaches 184 tons; the largest water gate valve diameter is 2750mm, and the pressure reaches 9MPa.
   The economic effects of large-scale equipment can be summed up. One is to increase production efficiency, the other is to reduce capital investment, and the third is to reduce the consumption of raw materials. Compared with 1 million tons of oil refining equipment with an annual processing capacity of 5 million tons, the investment per ton of product production capacity is reduced by 50%. Compared with two 3 million tons/year oil refineries, a 6 million tons/year oil refinery has an investment of 69%, steel consumption of 53%, an area of ​​54%, and a production cost of 75%. The labor productivity has increased to 170%.
   As the automation level of complete sets of equipment is getting higher and higher, the main production processes of foreign petrochemical enterprises have realized direct digital control, and some have realized computer hierarchical control. Synthetic ammonia, urea, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber and synthetic plastics and other chemical companies generally implement roving inspections, alarms, etc., and some companies have achieved partial automatic control.
At present, large-scale generator sets above 200,000 kW in foreign countries are generally developed to computer control; nuclear power plants are generally controlled by computers; long-distance pipeline systems are controlled by computers in many countries and are equipped with microwave communication systems. The general control room only needs two or three personnel on duty. , You can monitor the working conditions of the whole line through the TV.
With the improvement of all kinds of complete sets of equipment, process flow and performance, the series of foreign valves are still increasing. In recent years, many new varieties of valves have appeared. Such as: emergency shut-off valve, quick switch valve, fire valve, anti-static valve, temperature reducing valve, butterfly check valve, pressure relief valve, vacuum jacket valve, water-cooled or air-cooled valve, safety gate valve, safety shut-off valve A variety of new types of valves, among which general-purpose valves, ball valves, butterfly valves and flat gate valves are the fastest-growing valve varieties in the past 20 years.


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