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Wafer butterfly valve by handle operation

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The BFL series butterfly valves are a great cost effective solution for on/off operations as well as modulating the flow. Manually operated by either a squeeze lever with a locking detent or hand gear wheel, they are easily used. Suitable for pressures from 4-16 bar depending on the diameter size (25-300mm), media, and material combination. Remove the squeeze lever or handwheel to create an ISO 5211 flange (size F05 to F12). It has a small constructive length relative to the diameter and can be installed by a lug type flange or wafer type flange. There is also a wide range of housing, disc, and seal material options allowing these butterfly valves. They can be used for both liquids and gases in applications with a large temperature range. Some models can also be used for drinking water.


The hand operation allows for easy operation and understanding.
Relative low torque to switch position compared to ball valves.
High Kv-value because fluid can flow in straight line.
It has a small construction length in relation to the 200 mm (8 inch) diameter compared to a similar size ball valve.
It can be used for a wide array of fluids and gases.
Suitable for viscous media.
No risk of water hammer due to slow closing.
Remove the hand wheel to mount an actuator thanks to the ISO 5211 flange.



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Email: 972512349

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